SHINE your EYES!!! Five Methods Used By Girls To Friendzone Boys


We all know that the Nigerian Economy has never been better. This has resulted to Ladies being forced to keeping some dudes as “Helpers” when trouble comes calling.

Even some Men are aware, while some are still Oblivious of the fact that theyare already friendzoned.

So I will be dropping some phrases that when ever you hear it from a lady’s mouth, instead of smiling, take to your Heels….

1) You’re so nice”:

This is the initial stage of the “friendzoning” village. The moment a lady starts telling you how nice you are to her, without attaching any emotional or romantic touch to it, my brother make things clear to her before you will reach the next level.

2) “Lol you are so funny”:

You have started talking, and in your mind you are creating a chemistry. But in the girl’s mind, you are being used to kill boredom and depression. So my dear Brother, the moment you hear you are so funny, switch emotions tactically and watch-out for the rest.. Before you enter stage 3

3) “Bestie”:

The moment you reach this stage, fogerit!!! You are now the LG chairman of Friendzone! Your deliverance will be headed by “Rev king” himself!! I don’t know if there will be a cure for this stage. But the moment you don’t save yourself from this stage, you will fall deeper to stage 4!!

4) “You’re like a brother to me”:

Officially you have become the president of friendzone!! You are asking me how? Have you ever seen a girl giving out her kitty kata to her brother?? Have you ever seen a Lady date her brother?? Just know that at this stage, you will only the “STAGE 5” as your price!! So just take heart my Bro!!

5)“Aww thank You”:

And this is your ultimate price!! Even if you like, back herfrom Lagos to Enugu Or Do all her assignments for her, my Brother your only price will remain “Thank you” or if she is a good sister, you will get a higher price which is “God bless you so much”!!

So my dear Brothers, remember the signs and know when to flee. God bless.

Feel free to add yours!!


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