SHOCKING!!! Suspected Ritualist Batters Wife In Ibadan Over Refusal To Comply (Photos)


There was pandemonium in Lasisi Apapa area of Total Garden, Ibadan, Oyo State, last night as a man simply called Baba David battered his wife after some heated arguments.

Baba David, an obviously jobless man, who his wife claimed to be a doctor had come home that evening to announce that her sister would be getting married coming weekend, and that she should be ready to follow him to somewhere outside Ibadan.

The wife was not comfortable with the news, saying how could the sister be getting married, and they would only hear five days to the occasion, and that she suspected foul play.

It was at this point the wife reminded him of what he said early this year that his friends were using their first children for money ritual, and that since that time she had decided to be very careful with him.

Moreso, mama David claimed she had been noticing some ritualistic exercise the house.

It’s of note to state here that, mama David’s parents were not aware of her marriage to this man.

In fact, her parents do not even know the man, neither do they know where she stays.

In the course of the crossfire, Baba David openly said that nobody could ask her whereabout from him, and that he met her in a brothel in Ibadan, and she became pregnant for him and moved to his house.

And they have one child, David.

For daring to say she would not follow him to the wedding, the man descended on her and beat her blue black.

He flung the boy from staircase, and they both (mother and child) sustained serious bodily injuries.

It was the cry of the woman that attracted the neighbors, one of who is a policeman. As the policeman attempted to rescue the woman, Baba David delved him a blow, and he had no choice than to call the patrol team who came to whisk him away to detention.

Even as he was being bundled away, Baba David was still boasting that when released he would make sure he killed his wife.

One of the neighbors had to call the landlord, simply called Mr. shola, to ensure that the man is evicted from the environment.


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