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Sunday, May 22, 2016

MUST- READ: "10 Things You Should Stop Doing On Social Media"

Hello Readers!

As we all know, we're in the 21st century, and technology has really made life easy and sweet and it has also connected the world together irrespective of distance or language barrier.
Social Media has really played a vital role in Communication and making the world a "Global Village".

But despite being so useful and enjoyable, there is a need we apply restraints when using Social Media .. at least for our own good. There are certain things we mustn't do on Social Media. Excerpts below :

1.Thanking A girl/boy for accepting your friend request : This is peculiar to Facebook, like seriously? do you really have to thank him/her for accepting your request? That only makes you look childish and desperate as if you were begging him/her before. Its definitely not smart! 

2.Overusing hashtags : You see someone who posted a comment on Facebook or twitter and at the end of the comment you see stuffs like #21May #WeLoveU #LetsKeepitrolling .. come-on bro! do you really need to write that many hashtags? That will only look childish and make the post look so annoying to read. #Fact (I just used one )

3.Asking people to follow you back : Why must you make yourself look so desperate? Why not create a little self pride at least! Asking people to follow you back will just make you look more or less like a roadside beggar begging for some little change!

4. Asking for a lady's Unclad pictures :Most guys are guilty of this, you strike up a conversation with a girl on Facebook, and after chitchatting and getting on well with her,then you suddenly demand for her Unclad.s, come-on bros! You are only showing her that you're pervert who is only after sex, Be a gentleman!

5. Plagiarism :When you see an inspirational post or a funny tweet or a unique photo,and you feel the need to show your friends and followers,then you must at least give credit to the owner or original writer of the content.. but reverse seems to be the case,people on social media copy and paste contents and parade it as though they were the original writer.. and that is not good! Plagiarism is a serious offence in most countries, I dunno about Nigeria 

6. Posting the same content over and over again : There's this annoying guy that I have in my Facebook, he keeps posting one particular picture over and over again, I dunno really know why he does that ,perhaps because he wore a nice suit in the photo.. I got so tired of seeing the photo.. and the funny thing is that he hardly even get one 'like' .. lol.. why post the same old thing over again, it ain't cool.

7. Posting revealing photos : This goes to mostly the girls,why must you go half-Unclad on social media just because you wanna get likes and comments.. silly comments like "you're hot" "dope bae" "sexy momma" .. not knowing that you're giving the impression that you're an "olosho" .. Real talk! 
Decency pays, you know  

8. Sharing your home address : Hehehe .. I was going through one of my Guy's. Facebook profile, then I saw "17B Olusanya street,Maryland".. I was like WTF!!! .Who asked you to share such a personal info? Are you running an office in your house? C'mon dude!

9. Constantly bragging about yourself : Some people are so good at show-offs on social media, especially those who are broke-asses in real life.. Must you snap in front of a mirror just to show us your new phone? .. you're definitely not the first to buy such phone sef  .. you mustn't show us your new Timberland or your new wristwatches.. niggah keep it to yourself .. no one asked you to show us.. duurrh! 
Lets be real! 
Getting into arguments : Lol .. I used to be guilty of this before
. but I realised that there's absolutely no point in getting into arguments with anyone on social media.. cuz people aren't always the way you see them on social media, they might be different you know! .. Why not just ignore if someone tries to pick a fight.. in real sense,that makes you look cool and the person dumb! hehehe

I rest my fingers at this moment, Like some people will always say, "Do not take anything on social media too serious ..

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