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Thursday, May 12, 2016

OH DEAR! Husband Smashes Wooden Plank on Wife's Head During A Fight

A friend of the wife, Olubunmi Ajai Layode, shared this photo online and some information. It is expected that she wont tell us the things that the man's wife said or did that led her husband to this level of rage, because a lady will want to protect her fellow lady in cases of domestic violence.

But to be sincere, no amount of anger should make a man do this to his wife, the mother of his child. I hear the lady went back to her parents house and maybe the has healed. The thing now is, it seems her husband spoke to her family and her mother wants her to return to her husband's house.

Her mother said there's no couple that don't have reason to fight at least once in their life time, hoping that such would not repeat again. She's not even sure that if she dates another man, he wont be worse.

But her friend(s) don't want her to go to her husband. They want her to get a job or business and live as a single mum until...whatever happens, another man or they think she can now go back to her marriage.

Husband and wife issue is a complicated matter:
I believe this lady is discussing with her friends because she still loves her husband and don't want to start all over again and, probably, land in the hands of another man who could pretend to be good, nice, loving and peaceful but bring out his real colour when she's finally living with him.

To me, her husband lacks the fear of God. He's not a good Christian or Mulim. If he is, there is no way he would resort to this level of violence on his wife. He needs deliverance; they need serious prayers.

Marriage can't succeed until naturally death "do us part", if the couple are not close to God. The reason is as simple as ABC: marriage is from God and you can't succeed in it with your own sense.

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