OMG!!! Niger-Delta Militant Called Kachikwu On Phone And Threatened To Blow Pipeline


The Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Dr Ibe Kachikwu, on Tuesday uncovered that he had been accepting dangers through messages and telephone calls from an aggressor.

In his discourse at the national government town lobby meeting held in Kaduna State, the Minister bemoaned the result of assaults on oil establishments, generally completed in the Niger Delta district.

He noticed that the unending assaults and demolition of pipelines was depleting the nation's assets, yet included that the legislature was top of the circumstance.

In his words, "A week ago, my telephone number was distributed in Sahara Reporters and afterward I started to get a large number of telephone calls."

"One of the primary telephone calls I took not knowing who was calling me was from an aggressor some place and when I grabbed the telephone, he said, 'Are you the priest of petroleum', I said yes.

"He said I dey go blow pipeline tomorrow, and I said why might you do that my sibling on the off chance that you cherish Nigerians? He said 'are you certain you are the pastor', I said yes.

"At that point he said for being so modest, I will drop the arrangement. That is the sort of environment under which we work."

Kachikwu further begged Nigerians to be quiet over the current financial difficulties confronting the nation, focusing on that the Buhari-drove organization can bring the circumstance under control.

He included, "The truth of our circumstance is that wherever I turn when I was delegated, I had issues. In the event that I swing to the refineries when I joined in October, they were not working. On the off chance that I swung to the pipelines, they were non-existent.

"Yet, I wasn't demoralized, in light of the fact that on the off chance that I had issues, what will I say of a man who at his age assumed control over the mantle of this nation? His Excellency, the president so that gave me a ton of support," he finished up.

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