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Friday, May 13, 2016

The MUST READ!!! Annual 20 Most Influential Pageant Personalities in Nigeria 2015/2016

wpid-20160508_154237.jpgInfluence- The capacity to have an effect on the character, development, behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself.
This year’s annual Most Influential Pageant Personalities in Nigeria List lets us step back all the way to 2015 and measure the forces in Nigerian Pageantry that directly or indirectly moves us.
Which is more powerful? Popular? Controversial? Ambitious? Successful?
The lessons of the past or the lure of the future?. The people in which we spotlight range from rationally famous to the literally anonymous.
There are national, state and zonal producers, Choreographers, Catwalk coaches, Chaperones, Bloggers, ex and reigning beauty queens, pageant couturier and a number of persons who significantly affect the development and circle  of nigerian pageantry.
One way or another, they each embody a breakthrough, breaking boundaries, breaking barriers, breaking records and setting them as well. They are seekers with fearless willingness to be surprised by what they do, what they create. There are all sorts of iconic yardstick for measuring influence:
·A household name like Agbani Darego who made a massive comeback on the World stage by being part of the Miss World Jury.
·Or Collete Nwadike who became the first black to win the Exquisite Face of the Universe
· Or Ben Bruce who now has the most successive pageant editions (31)
·And so on…
To capture what sets these honorees apart, we reach out to people with deep, wide and resolute knowledge of Nigerian Pageantry to give us varying verdicts on each individual. The fun of shaping this list is sharing the vision of people exploiting and exploring the true art, beauty and passion of pageantry.
The people on the list, each in their own way significant way, have lessons to teach. We can debate those lessons, we dont have to endorse them or agree with them, but the influence and statements of this year’s” 20 Most Influential Pageant Personalities in Nigeria” (as reviewed from March 2015- March 2016) to my mind, is that down to the last person; they have the power to directly or indirectly make you love or hate pageantry, keep you closer or further away from it.. and thus, they are using it.
Here they are (in no particular order)
image  Agbani Darego
Role: Ex Beauty Queen
No plenty introduction. First black Miss World is enough influence on its on. She’s a lasting legacy, a continuous compelling influence. She embodies hope for not just Nigerians every year, but for the black community at large.
Every year, not just in 2015, many more years come, every pageant girl out there is poised to repeat Agbani’s success. Its a yearly challenge.
Remarkably, in 2015, Agbani made a comeback in the Miss World stage as part of the grand finale judging panel/Jury for the 65th edition in Sanya, China.
Agbani is all about the records. Breaking and setting them.

image Ben Murray Bruce
Role: Pageant Producer
Does he need any introduction?.. Currently the  senator representing Bayelsa State in the federal constituency, Ben Bruce remains the God-father and revolutionary of Nigerian Pageantry.
Through these platforms- Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria & Mr Nigeria (officially franchised to Miss World, Miss Universe& Mr World Pageants), he and his company- Silverbird Group has bettered the lives of many girls and boys in Nigeria and for many more years to come.
Top notch, star-studded and world class- The MBGN was listed No.1 on the TOP 5 pageant grand finale of 2015 rankings and looks likely to remain on that spot for some time.
With his continuous remarkable influence in the Nigerian Pageantry, and beyond, Ben remains a force to reckon with.
Kingsley Amafibe
Role: Pageant Producer
The chief executive officer of Peace Ambassador Agency and organizer of Peace Achievers Awards & notably,  Miss Ambassador for peace Nigeria beauty pageant.
In 2015, Kingsley spearheaded the most star-studded grand finale in the country, thus,  earning a place in the Top 5 grand finale rankings in the same year.
Kingsley Amafibe, is a huge recipient and a giver of numerous awards and accolades. A true ambassador for peace and tranquility.
With just four edition to its pageant’s name, and fifth in view,he continues to be one of the reputable household names in Nigerian Pageantry and  prominent producer of hardworking and enterprising beauty queens.

Lalah Aniemeka
Role: Chaperone
A veteran in her field. A “mother” of many made models and Queens. “Aunty Lalah” as she’s popularly called has been into the game way back 2007, since then, She has been relentlessly important.
2015 wasn’t any different, maybe even better, Lalah was involved in so many distinguished pageants with a record of 10+. Also, adding to her rack, an award-winning year.
She’s a chaperone with a difference- advising, safeguarding, protecting, commanding and teaching, to mention a few are features that make her incomparable.

Magnificent Godwin
Role: Graphics Artist
With his starring brand name- “MagDesigns”, Magnificent Godwin has over a short period of time mesmerized us with sizzling artistic works and pageant branding.
His designs are epic, top notch and breathtaking. He’s created something outstanding and beautiful, something extraordinary in terms of designing pageant prints, thus becoming one of Nigeria’s sorted-after and powerful graphics designer.
In 2015, The “MagDesign” trademark logo was seen in over 50 pageants’ posters, billboards, banners, Handbill, or flyers nationwide.
And In 2016, he’s already kicked off with a remarkable pace.

Ejiro Okpihwo
Role: Pageant Producer
One of Nigeria’s veteran pageant producers and owner of the 3rd oldest pageant- Most Beautiful Girl in Abuja.
Ejiro is undoubtedly the most consistent pageant producer with fifteen (15) successive editions- Only Ben Bruce beats that record with thirty one (31).
In 2015, he marked his 15th edition with a volcanic bang placing his finale amongst the Top 5 grand finales in the same year.
Though, controversial, Ejiro continues to remain a fire power in Nigerian Pageant arsenal, with huge credit to his longevity and consistency.
Lets see what 2016 holds for him and Dolce Entertainment.

Maryam Elisha
Role: Pageant Couturier
One the finest and eccentric fashion designer in the country- Maryam Elisha with her leading brand “Rikaoto”. The magical and captivating beauty she adds to her pageant gowns are truly alluring, and seemingly taken the circle of Nigerian Pageantry a whole new global level.
In 2015, The Rikaoto gown was heavily involved in numerous top notch pageants and holds the record of the “Most Reputable Pageant Gowns worn in a single year”.
Also, The Rikaoto dress was doned at the 2015 Miss World finals in Sanya, China during the world fashion designers challenge by Nigeria’s representative, Unoaku Anyadike.
Truth is, the Rikaoto brand has come to stay, for now and a long period. 2016 will only get better.

Emmanuel Ikubuese
Role: Pageant King
Strong, black and masculine, Emmanuel is the golden boy of Nigerian Pageantry in recent times. Shot into pageant fame way back in 2014 when he became Mr Nigeria and later brought more glory to us by becoming the first runner-up at the Mr World contest.
An Actor, Host and vixen- The features that proofs Emmanuel’s versatility. In 2015 and 2016, Emmanuel became a recipient of several awards and accolades. He also is the first pageant king with the most guest appearance in a single year after Bryan Okwara and Melvin Oduah.
Emmanuel continues to be a huge compelling character and a role model to many.

imageSamuel Elendu
Role: Pageant Couturier
Branded  “Sammielle Couture”, Samuel Elendu’s importance cannot be over-emphasized through his remarkable work is fashion designing.
He dishes out dazzling and spontaneous pageant dresses year in year out. 2015 was more as a delight, many pageant girls especially in the southeastern region of Nigerian where he’s based, couldn’t do a pageant confidently without doning a sammielle couture.
He continues to stun us with sizzling and flamboyant dresses, and already in 2016, he has begun with a flyer.

imageCollete Nwadike
Role: Beauty Queen
The Pageant Goddess- Collete Nwadike has become a household name in Nigerian and also is a revolutionary of the Miss Tourism Nigeria brand.
In 2015, She represented Nigeria in the Exquisite Face of the Universe Pageant in Sao Tome and emerged winner, thus becoming the first black to do so. A story to tell.
Collete has since then become an extraordinary personality transcending into a movie star in the process.
Her pace-setting success is unrivalled and one to matched in no due time.

imageMakbere Miriam
Role: Pageant Enthusiast/Producer
At a young age, Miriam will still be regarded as a pageant veteran, haven ventured into pageantry in 2008 and has represented Nigeria in Miss Globe & Miss Grand respectively.
Miriam is also the producer of one of the best “alternative” beauty pageant in the country- The Nigerian Princess , and throughout 2015, her winner wore the most converted, beautiful and expensively trademarked tiara. Still does.
In Nigeria, even with numerous pageant related people, many lack that true enthusiasm, love and fever of pageantry. Miriam is an exception. A gem amongst pebbles. Her impeccable creativity, experience, passion and knowledge in pageantry is arguably unrivalled.
Already in 2016, many top profiled pageants in Nigeria want to have their queens wear a tiara as beautiful, as converted, as unique, as expensive, as trademarked as that of the Nigerian Princess. A pace setting achievement.

imageRonke Tamiyu
Role: Pageant Producer
Now a seasoned actress, Ronke first came into pageant limelight after bagging the Miss Charismatic Award of the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2013.
Later that year, Ronke became the chief executive officer of Leronet Ventures, one which heads the Miss Charismatic Nigeria .
She is also renowned for producing the Most beautiful and truly “Charismatic”  queens nationwide.
In 2015, Only in its 3rd edition, Ronke gave us a take-home assignment by producing the most colourful pageant finale, thus skyrocketing it into No.4 of the Top 5 Finale in the same year.
With the fourth edition shaping in 2016, Ronke continues to grow immeasurably in the Nigerian Pageant industry.

imageAnna Ebiere Banner
Role: Ex Beauty Queen
Anna Banner has effortless slotted herself into one of the most famous beauty queens ever in the history of Nigeria.
A role model with photogenic prowess and a lovable personality. In 2015, Anna Banner became one of the most followed beauty queens on instagram with over 70 thousand followers and counting in the country.
The controversial highlight of her 2015 lies within becoming a single mother, one which caught mixed emotions over the internet.
Though, this calls to mind her bravery and strong influential character to overcome all odds by standing for the true call of motherhood.
Notwithstanding, Anna continues to be The Queen-Next-Door and Poster Girl of Nigerian Pageantry in recent times.

imageAustin Chukwuneta
Role: Choreographer
Award winning electrifying dancer and versatile being, Austin Chukwuneta fondly known as “Slimshady” is uniquely known for his subtle, sensual and seductive dance instructional prowess with a touch of street-hop flavor.
In 2015, Slimshady became the Choreographer-Next-Door, notching and bagging A-list pageant jobs.
In addition to his gross versatility, he’s an extraordinary performer, hype man and anchor.
With 2016 quarterly gone, he has picked up from where he left. More to come from slim.

imageEdoziem Cv
Role: Pageant Publicists
Edoziem Chisom Valentine and Chizoba Vivian- The Pageant Experts of the first order- combinely known as “Edoziem Cv”, are people I already consider a gem in the pageant system. With their powerful blog-  that solely deals with everything pageantry, from local to international.
In time past, Nigeria had never had such vibrant pageant publicists with oozing creative flare. Very unbiased, updated, realistic and highly professional pageant gurus that awakens the mind to the true beauty, passion and awareness of pageantry.
In 2015, their blog rose to an enviable height, thus, becoming one with the most media pageant partnership and feature in a single year.
They effectively use their platform to author in-depth publications, Also to critique, analyze and make predictions during world pageants finals, As well as marketing and promoting Nigerian delegates during international pageants like miss world, miss universe, miss grand, miss tourism etc.
Indeed, They are one for the first order!

Goodnews Okoro
Role: Catwalk Coach
Popularly known as “Shakira”, Goodnews has skyrocketed into Nigeria’s pageant elite catwalk coaches in recent ratings.
His catwalk and runway dynamism and fluidity puts him above others in this field. With this remarkable prowess, it led him into landing mega and countless pageant jobs across the country in 2015.
Shakira is an eccentric and epileptic dancer, which comfortably moulds him into a makeshift pageant choreographer when needed.
Already in 2016, shakira is already up on the rise, and ready to retain his name in this list come 2017.

Onyedikachi Onyemere
Role: Choreographer
Already amongst Nigeria’s pageant elite choreographers, “Kachi” as he his popularly called, continues to leave us with his instructional dance magic.
In 2015, kachi choreographed not less than 10 highly profiled pageants in the country, placing him to be one of the most sorted-after choreographers nationwide.
Not just choreography, In addition, he puts up electrifying performances in finale stages which obviously lights up the audience. He continues to be a very reliable and pivotal person in Nigerian Pageantry.

imageSantiago Tee Roberts
Role: Pageant Producer
The Pageant brand continues to fire up with a speedy and influential rate, and the man behind this is no other than Santiago Roberts- Founder of block buster pageants-  Miss Tourism Nigeria (officially franchised to Miss Tourism World) and Mr Universe Nigeria.
The Tourism brand now holds the record of the pageant with the  “Most Franchised Affiliation”. In over ten states in Nigeria like Miss Tourism Imo, Miss Tourism Abia,Miss Tourism Ogun, Miss Tourism Anambra, Miss Tourism Kwara, and so on, are all franchised to the Miss Tourism Nigeria Organization.
Terrific and also world-class, The Miss Tourism Nigeria 2015 edition won the best pageant in the West African Fashion Awards,  also notched No.2 in the Top5 Pageant Finale of 2015 with that of 2016 in sight already.
Alex Nwankwo
Role: Pageant Reporter
One of the most active pageant bloggers nationwide.  His self proclaimed title: “No.1 Social Media Reporter in Abuja” sounds debatable, but who is before the No.1?
Through his starring platform- Alex Reports/Amity Global Network, he has been positively instrumental in the publicity and awareness of Nigerian Pageantry.
In 2015, Alex added another dimension into his game by producing one of the best next-generation pageants- Most Beautiful Model in Nigeria.
Also, Alex is one of the elite pageant reporters you can’t do without, and over the years, his importance in the industry has risen to impeccable height.
2015 down to 2016 has seen his brand associate with an uncountable number of reputable pageants nationwide. He’s already making gross efforts in retaining his spot on this list.
Mordi Chike
Role: Pageant Couturier
Best known through his starring brand name- Zhalima Grazioni. He is one of the best pageant fashion ‘artista in the country. Zhalima’s dresses go with core elegance and spontaneity that has made lots of successes . In 2015,  His dresses were award-winning, notably, in Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria.
He will continue to stun us with his top notch creativity and artistic fashion expression in a Zhalima time to come.

by edoziemcv

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