EMBARRASING!!! Naija Big Girls Fight Dirty, Exposing Each Other Online


The economy is hard ladies, no need to cut corners or steal from someone to live large and show off, as even those you want to show off to are experiencing the harsh economy and are not interested.

Everyone is trying to just feed and plan their lives, these ladies should just relax too. No need for this.

A big mess has been playing out since yesterday between too big girls, Uduak and her friend Hobbit. It is really shameful; stealing, cocaine, sex...
*NDLEA has already been notified of the cocaine part of the story.

Hobbit called out Uduak (pictured above) for allegedly stealing her mifi (portable WIFI modem) worth 15K when she hosted Uduak and her friend named Kimberly Ofili. When she asked Uduak to return the mifi, the babe allegedly refused so Hobbit came online to call her out.

Hobbit said that Uduak also had a noisy gay s*x with Kimberly in her room - in her parents house...

As usual with such long tweets, read from bottom to the top for easy understanding:


...fake big girls and their wahala...


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