MUST-READ!! 8 Categories Of Ladies That May End Up Becoming The Second Wife Of A Man


Here are the categories of ladies that may end up becoming the second wife of a man
Here are the categories of ladies that may end up becoming the second wife of a man

1. Celebrity Freaks 

Celebrity freaks are usually attention seekers who shamelessly fall cheaply for celebrities and will do all sorts of things to trap and have babies for these celebrities. This is aimed at getting to limelight and bearing children for them. This is one of the reasons why the baby mamas are on the increase.

2. Money Monger 

The love of money is what WE CAN SEE IN ALMOST EVERY FEMALE. Any one of them that claims she doesn't consider money before dating a man, is a manipulative yet a talented liar. This excessive love of money makes some ladies consider guys of their age range as unworthy to date, therefore, they prefer to end up with an Alhaji, politicians, etc, not minding the number of wives they have.

3. Ladies with Low Self Esteem 

Some young ladies battle with low self esteem that they always feel like they are not good enough to date kind hearted handsome dudes like Ronald4lif, Wristbangle, Mediapace and Lalasticlala, therefore, they hump at any man that shows little interest in them as it is a blessing in disguise not minding even if these men are as ugly as Adams Oshiomole and Obasanjo :D

4. Lazy Girls 

Some ladies are just too lazy to work, too lazy to engage in productive things that yield make them self dependent and as a result of this, they see any well to do man as an escape route out of poverty. Such ladies will never consider dating a man struggling to make it no matter how bright his future is. All they want is a man that will open supermarket or boutique for them.

5. Ladies who want to become Queens 

Each time I see the wives the of the late Oni of, I always dish out insults and rain curses on these naïve pretty young ladies whom I can never get the privilege to see the straps of their bras let alone get under their skirts. Just because of the prestige, admiration and reverence associated to being called the wife of a king, they forsake a kind hearted broke dude like men and will rather go in search of traditional rulers who are likely to relegate to six feet during love making.

6. Over-aged Ladies 

In Nigeria, a woman without a man is like a king without a crown, therefore, they receive lashes from specifically family members for being irresponsible to find men that would catch their fancy. When some of them can no longer withstand family pressures, they may resort to settle down with the husband of another woman. Funke Akindele is a perfect example of this :D

7. Divorced Women 

Ladies who were divorced on the ground of infidelity or promiscuity may later resort to find a man who they will have their heads under his roof. Some of them can go far as patronizing native doctors just to possess another woman's possession.

8. After one Ladies 

Some of these ladies who had a child or two outside wedlock also need men in their lives. That was how one almost snatched from friend from his wife. We had to take my friend to a spiritualist to help deliver him from captivity :D

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