NORTHERN CHARITY“Mayer’s Friends”, Big Church Group Take Charity To IDP Camps In Borno

Mayer's Friends" are back in the news again after their charity visit to terror prong areas in the north. The groups which involves Big Church Group known for philanthropic exercises partnered with them for the visit to IDP camps in Maiduguri, Borno state. One of the camps visited is managed by St. Hilary Catholic Parish,  Polo, Maiduguri. 

Group of young people who are inspired from a song written by John Mayer, which describes his friends as young people who passively watch the ills of the world, as such Mayer' Friends, decided to be the people actively changing the world. ‎These  raises awareness on humanitarian and social issues which are important to change.

‎Following their line up visits to Charity houses and IDP camps across the Federation, they continued after visitations in Abuja charity homes around outskirts of the city. Big Church Group, CEO, Dr. Olakunle Churchill was not in the company of his group as his team supported the "Mayer's Friends" organisation. Most of the families in the camps with majority from Gworza, LGA were shared food items, drugs (medications), toleitries and cash donations.

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  1. United by the effects of terrorism in their personal lives, the tone of this forum was not revenge, stop terrorism


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