BEAUTY QUEEN OF THE WEEK: Miss Imo State Queen Glows Temptingly In New Hot Photos, Commences Safe SEX Campaign!

‎Beauty they say is in the eyes of the beholder but in this case is in the eyes of everyone who beholds her gracious and alluring presence.

During her formative years, Okonkwo Jacenta Ogochukwu was the toast of all who come across her especially as her eyes are her strong weapons of attraction and seduction. Her passion for modelling grew as she advances in age. ‎The Imo State born undergraduate Of Imo  State University is indeed a perfect paragon of beauty out of a playboy\\'s magazine. ‎ A soft spoken damsel who loves life and lives with class.‎
In truth, her passion for modelling stems right from her formative years. At a very tender age Jacenta started posing for camera shoot in a studio around her neigbhourhood with an unconscious knowledge of driving deep into business of beauty, where looks determines one\\'s worth.  ‎In spite of her raising profile, the Orlu Indigene is still humble and homely. She will be launching her projects on Low Sugar and Safe SEX. As a 300 level student, studying Business Administration and Management, she is expected to take the campaigns to the youths and door steps of our Nigerian homes particularly Imo State. She is an exponent of unequal capabilities, known and respected by her friends and folks for her direct talks. Jacenta treasures her childhood hobbies of dancing, acting, singing and cooking. ‎


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