HARD TIMES | More Nigerians avoiding big parties... caterers, decorators cry out


Some still have money, there are still Billionaires but majority of Nigerians are getting poorer.

34yrs old Dolapo Bolade surprised many of his friends and family members recently when his wife, Adebisi, was delivered of their first baby. A highly sociable young man who regularly attended parties and kept a network of revellers as buddies, there were expectations of a big gig from almost every quarter immediately the business man's daughter, Ifeoluwa, arrived.

Men, women, young and old – all who knew him had their eyes fixed on August 31, 2016. But when the day finally arrived, Bolade shocked everyone...

"Immediately people heard that my wife had been delivered of a baby, a lot of them started calling me, asking how big the naming ceremony was going to be, whether there would be aso ebi and which musician I was hiring to perform at the event. 

"There was too much expectation but inside of me, I just laughed because a lot of these people don't seem to understand what I am passing through at the moment," Bolade said during a friendly chat with a Punch reporter earlier in the week.

"On the eve of the naming ceremony, some friends called and even came to my house to find out how I was preparing for the next day," he continued. "But they were all surprised when I revealed that there was not going to be any elaborate ceremony. What we simply did on that Tuesday morning was to give the baby a name, no ceremony whatsoever followed," he added.

This is the reality in many homes today, with the poor state of the economy. If you want to do a party, the things you could buy with 50k before, now even with N110k you will struggle to meet up.

Those into catering and events planning are already complaining of low patronage.

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