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Sunday, October 02, 2016

MET BOTTLE WATER: First Structured Bottle Water In The World Hits Global Market

Minerals for Life, a new indigenous bottle water company has developed the first structured table water in the world called "MET water". It is designed to soothe the hygienic lifestyle of Nigerians and also promote human longevity as the case may be. "MET water" is produced to curb the fast growing trends of water related diseases and introduce a new phase in table water production which has been naturally structured for medical efficiency.

Unlike other table water companies operating in world, "Minerals for Life" has not produced a mere drinking table water, but one that is structured for Immediate performance and efficiency; the only water that is produced through physics and not chemicals.

Shockingly, as a leading table water in Nigeria, "MET water" is the only water that uses high-energy sound wave at a specific frequency through an action that is technologically natural to breakdown large molecules of water into tiny singular molecules that can be easily absorbed into the cells resulting to proper hydration and oxidation of the body, which gives the leading brand many unique properties.

However, Minerals for Life, the producers of "Met Water" has resolved on fronting the product through ambassadorial reps and prominent faces, among these recommendable faces is Her Majesty, Queen Christy Daniels, the winner of most beautiful model in Nigeria International.

Notably, it will be interesting to tell you that the product was developed alongside the professional strength of the most admired scientists in African, who resides and practice in the U.S.A., he is also an unseen hand in the eradication of several dreaded diseases in Nigeria and Africa at large.

A consideration of this water will expose you to a new phase of purification, put words of testimony in your lips and also promote your love for humanity because you have invariably saved your life and that of others. Therefore, the producers of "MET water" might consider local and professional marketers for retail and wholesale distributions, so as to ensure that the availability of this product cuts across the urbans, the hinterlands and virtually beyond our national boundaries. However, interested organizations or individuals should consider the information in the flier which is attached above

For more details contact ‎Tel: 08033344983 & 0703 614 8919, address: Suite J 34 Ikota shopping complex Lekki AJAH Lagos

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