REALLY!! Mamuzee Twins Write Open Letter To Their GirlFriends As They Celebrate Birthday Today (Photos)

AN OPEN LETTER TO OUR GIRLFRIENDS ON THIS THEIR SPECIAL DAY..... Hi girlfriends Mary and Martha M. Dixon, first we really want to appreciate God Almighty for life, grace, mercy, favor, health and peace, fourteen years of marriage, Jesus Christ!!! Has been and is awesome. It all just seems like yesterday, we can remember twenty something years ago we proposed to u guys on this date of your special day, as poor as we were when we met u guys, it was so very bad, hopeless and futureless, (so men thought) that our own families told u guys not to marry us that we don't have a future, but you guys stayed, and we can remember, we telling every member of our family, about our intentions to marry u guys and our mom, sisters and brother in Canada frawned at the idea, we remember our emidiate elder brother in Canada asking us, who una be? Whetin una get? What have u guys achieved that u guys want to get married so soon? But we stood our ground and put all our hope and trust in God Almighty to get married to you guys, we remember just like yesterday how when planning for the wedding, we went to you guys uncle, in one area in Lagos, carried drinks and seeking your hand in marriage, how you guys uncle frawned at the idea, and was asking u guys if we as poor as we were could take care of you guys? With all that u guys still believed in us and insisted we get married, our awesome twin friends Cosmos and Williams Adugbe could testify then how we were so Frustrated a couple of weeks to the wedding, we wanted to run to Ghana or anywhere else, cause we were evicted from the house we payed for in surulere, no money for things, and we were so frustrated, confused and alone, and we were asking ourselves " who send
Us message? Marriage na by force? If we nor get money we nor go chill? " then Williams insisted and said before una run away, u guys claim u have told everyone and it's all disappointments all the way, have u guys told the One that will not disappoint u guys Jesus Christ? So Williams and Cosmos Adugbe insisted we write everything we needed and wanted for the wedding on a sheet of paper, we did that and they asked us let's all pray just the four of us, that midnight, four young men, Antonio,  Andre, Cosmos and Williams cried to God Almighty, we remember how we were crying and praying as we all fell asleep, in Cosmos and Williams elder brothers house in Babs Animasuawn street in surulere, and In the morning God showed forth Mightily, aaah BABA u too much, a fan gave us plenty money, someone we didn't even know, maybe he was an Angel God sent, because we didn't even see him at the wedding, he claimed he was our fan, as he handed an envelope to us, we also remember how we almost died on the way to our house, Olayinka street in Ajegunle, the eve of our wedding in the taxi, another awesome incident was how our mother and sisters claimed it was their right to buy all the requirements on the bride price list, and how we gave them the list for almost six months and in the morning of our pride price payment, our then P. A. James Oyedokun reminded us of the pride price list of things and how that morning we went to our mom and asked were are all the requirements and things she and our sisters insisted they will buy and how our mom looked at us straight

In the eyes and said, Am so very sorry my children we have not bought a single item on that pride price list... It was free flow of tears from our eyes and our P.A's, we kept crying and asking our mom, " why didn't u say something, anything For six whole months you have been with this list?  if you and our sisters didn't have money, or you guys changed your minds about assisting us why didn't you guys say anything till now, this morning that we are being expected to come pay pride price? " and all our mom could say was am sorry, I remember how so upset and confused we were, that we kept saying this an act of wickedness, what are we going to do now? No money no nothing, Just then our elder step brother, the man we call father, Prince Aboroson Dixon, the man who part sponsored our schooling, our musical projects, payed our bride price, was practically feeding us as at that time, gave us his house to stay after the wedding, came in that morning, as he found out what my mom and sisters had done broke down in tears.... As all this drama was unfolding a friend called Edward Uba, our classmate in primary and secondary school walked in, told us he was traveling that day, that he won't be at the wedding and he gave us another plenty money, aaaaahhhh! God u too much! it was that money we and our P. A. that morning rushed to the market with the pride price list, bought every item on the list, we were so late already to the pride price payment that we didn't take our baths, as we rushed to the venue of the pride price payment, how even as We finished the payment of the bride price, our chairman Dr.  Kings Okpako's son got missing at the venue, finally he was found, how we use to promise you guys Mary and Martha, we would take you  round the world, build houses for you guys, buy cars for you guys, how you guys will be the only mother of our children..... I beg oh, we need to ask una this question, how una take believe us for all the things we were promising you guys? Aaaaaaahh and God honored us and made it all, I mean all happened..... NOW! TODAY GOD ALMIGHTY HAS FULFILLED ALL THE PROMISES WE MADE TO YOU GUYS, TODAY WE ARE STILL MARRIED AND WAXING STRONGER, BETTER AND BEST. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY OUR FAMILY IS STILL STANDING ON THE FOUNDATION OF CHRIST JESUS!  

Regardless of all the trials, temptations,  victories and testimonies, you girls have stood by us, so on this your special day we just want to remind you guys of how faithful God has been to us individually and collectively as a FAMILY, we want you girls to know that we are absolutely nothing without you guys, and we NEED you guys to know that we would love you guys to the moon and back, so we using this your special day to tell God Almighty how awesome HE is and has been in our lives and also how we appreciate HIM for you girl's being the bone of our bone, being virtues women, and most importantly bringing up our children in God's ways, it's just so amazing that the first words our kids ever spoke was" Haleluyah, and the first song they ever sang was "Eshe Oh Baba" that goes to show that you guys are awesome, beautiful, amazing and graceful WOMEN. What more can a man want, desire, and need? We want to thank you guys for sticking to us regardless of our faults and short comings, we know say e nor easy for una to cope with sexy looking guys like us, extremely too principled, nor blame us we take am from our PAPA, we love you guys so very much and we promise to be the best husbands and fathers we can be, and concerning all our critics and bad belle peoples them, you guys should relax..... They ain't seen nothing yet!!! IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME, AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN!!! HAPPY BLESSED, FAVOR FILLED, JOY FILLED, GRACE FILLED, MERCY FILLED, PEACE FILLED BORNDAY OUR SEXY BABBIE WIVES....."

ITS NA GOD GET POWER OOH! " Your husbands for life..... MamuZEE.

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