WOW! African Artist Mapon Adija aka Didi Bebe‎ Poses Nude In New Photos as She Dazzles In Abuja. (photos)

Abuja's fast rising dancer and female singer Mapon Adija is rattling the social media with her semi nude pictures that will not only arrest attention but indeed attract sexual attraction especially from her fans.

The dark skinned artist whose dancing style is likened to the popular makossa steps has released some singles in the past that are still hitting the airwaves. ‎Known for her strength and impressive display on stage, the Cameroonian born art with Didi Bebe as her stage name is currently been managed by Papie Tee Entertainment with prospects of open record label signing with credible music label.

Didi Bebe as she is called had dropped these hit songs;  C'est le moment,  Congossa and Tosakana featuring Tresor Mvoula‎ recently. The Abuja based art who will be featuring on major events in FCT, will also be rocking the stages of Abuja Step Out Night.  See her details:  Twitter @Didimaponc, IG: @didi_bebe
 Facebook:  Didi Braun


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