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Our registration is free, Once registered, an activation link will be sent to your email inbox or spam for activation and upon activation our system will search for a member that you will donate or pay N5,000, N10,000 and N20,000 in less than 24hours depending on your Naija Cash Plan. Once a member is found you will get a message in the inbox of your NAIJACASHdashboard and in your email, the message will give the details of the member you are to donate or pay your N5,000 naira, once your recepient confirms your payment, another member will be assign to you that will pay N10,000, N20,000, N40,000 naira respectively depending on your plan. You don't need to refer any body to get paid.

You are expected to Pay the Money within 24 hours of receiving the message, failure to do so will lead to your account being removed from the NAIJACASH platform.

Step 2: Once you pay the money to another member, simply reply the message from NAIJACASH in your dashboard inbox using this format:

" Payment sent to (Recipient Username) e.g Payment sent to (Bankole232)

Note: Your recipient must confirm your payment from his/her Dashboard using this format:

Under Compose Message in his/her dashboard

Send To (naijacash)

Subject: Payment Receives from (donor username)

Message: Payment Receives from (donor username)

N5,000 (Starter Plan) = N10,000(less than 24hours)
N10,000 (Premium Plan) = N20,000N20,000 (Gold Plan) = N40,000


Once you have received your N10,000, N20,000 and N40,000 naira, you can recycleyour account by clicking the recyclebutton. Then you can register again with the same email. You cannot use one email for two account.

You can always send an email for any enquiry

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