SHOcKING: Top 10 Pageants In Abuja With Unpopular Beauty Queens!

Beauty Pageant in Abuja has become the biggest sector of Abuja Entertainment Industry, While most Beauty Pageants and Queens gain influence and credibility with Projects and Endorsements some others are nowhere to be found in the Picture.

Beauty Queens think that their skeletal Instagram Followers is their judgement for Fame while they neglect Social Media Publicity, Brand Visibility, Project Awareness and Campaign promotion.
In this 24 Century, TV and Radio is gradually losing some of their viewers to Social Media addicts and Blog loyalists as well as celebrity committed fan followers.

Today, Barcity Media in partnership with One of Abuja Biggest Media Firm, Abuja Press came up with a list of Top 10 Beauty Pageants with unpopular Beauty Queens, some of the reasons why we termed them unpopular is because we don't see them more on the media due to the fact that they got no reputable project that get featured on Media Platforms.

Here is the List...

1 Face of Democracy: This Beauty pageant is One of Abuja's biggest pageant and over the years they have proven to be one of the most vibrant beauty pageant on the Media but their queens end up being unpopular for some reasons.

Queen Esther Zamani was at Headies Awards and Lagos Fashion Awards, she has also been interviewed on HIPTV but we have not seen any of their other queens name anywhere.

We feel their queens remain unpopular due to lack of creative projects and good media engagement.

2 Miss Comely Nigeria: Here comes the Breast Cancer Fighting Queens, The Beauty Pageant has actually tried in gaining acceptance in Abuja Pageant Industry while their queens still remain unpopular, we actually haven't heard of any projects from the Miss Comely Queens.

3 Miss Independence Beauty Pageant: Miss Independence Beauty Pageant is one of Abuja's emerging Beauty Pageant, they have produced so many beauty queens who still remain unknown and unpopular due to lack of good project and media features, they once produced a beauty queen called Queen Nneze Richard who had the buzz but since then we haven't seen anyone else from this beauty pageant.

4 Miss Falconet: Miss Falconet Beauty Pageant Case is worst because the Pageant is also still struggling to gain acceptance while their Queens Popularity remains tremendously poor.

5 Miss NGO: Miss NGO Beauty Pageant have staged amazing editions of their shows but they still end up crowning Snakes who shouldn't be called Queens at the first place.‎
The Former Queen, Miss Carmelita made headlines even though only her efforts wasn't fully recognised by the Media. 
The current Face of Nigeria World Tourism, Queen Ijeoma okafor was the immediate past head queen of Miss NGO, little was heard about her when she was Miss NGO.

Their Queens remains one of Abuja most unpopular Beauty Queens in Abuja Pageant Industry. 

6- Finest Girl Nigeria: Here comes one of the oldest and biggest beauty pageant in Abuja but the fact still remains that the Queens still remain irrelevant even though the Pageant Organizer claims his online TV has 5million reach but that don't still promote the Queens, we have also seen their events been over hyped with words like "5 Governor's, 3 Ministers, 10 Senators" but we end up not seeing even an SA to a Local Government Chairman when we attend, we also know of one of their queens called Queen Aisha who is only seen in Parties and Nightclubs.

7- Face of Culture: The Previous Edition this Distinguished Pageant crowned Queens that helped in pushing the brand but the latest Queens are nothing to be written home about, the event also ended up in a ridiculous way after crowning of Queens that were disqualified from other pageants, we haven't seen or heard of Anything from their Queens either.‎

8- Face of Fashion Africa: Face of Fashion Africa was very controversial that even during the event, almost all the seats were empty, the girls were looking horrible and we haven't seen them before anywhere near a project or media since when they left Face of Fashion Africa Stage.

9- Queen of Unity: This Pageant shouldn't have been featured if they had more queens like Queen Simi Silas, Their other Queens have never been seen on the Media and even on during events which is the cheapest form of Publicity..

10: Miss UN Habitat: Last year, this pageant had one of the biggest controversy, from UN Alleged attack to Jaywon controversy and finally to their Queen controversy of travelling home with the official car which haven't been fully paid for. 
Since the Crowning of the Queens, they have been sent to exile because we haven't seen them anywhere near the media or a project. 
The organizer also made an appearance at Mrs Accolade event which was one of his first appearance months after his event.

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