BOKO HARAM NIGHTMARE: Face Of Unity Nigeria, Queen Chichi Mbagwu Cries out For Unity In Nigeri From United Kingdom (Photos)


Her Majesty Queen chichi Mbagwu is the current Face of Unity in Nigeria. She was crowned last year when she came from London to contest for the crown in a beauty contest that was specially conceptualized to seek and maintain activities that will engender unity, peace and progress of Nigeria. The keenly contested pageant was held in Enugu, the East Central state and Coal city of Nigeria. Shortly after her victory, the Queen of Unity Nigeria went to Abuja to launch her pet-project.
.....are we still a UNITED Nation ?
Her carefully articulated project was primarily centered on challenges that affect every Nigerian irrespective of ethnic origin and religious affiliation. Queen ChiChi Mbagwu's pet-project was captioned:'UNITY AS THE CENTRAL ESSENCE OF NATION BUILDING' and secondly, 'ENVIRONMENTAL SAFTY CAMPAIGN" what a beautiful initiative from a young beauty Queen for the sole survival of the principal Unity tendencies of her country? This superlatively beautiful initiatives and dreams of this Queen to excite the social and environmental space of her country with unity enhancing programmes for the youths would have yielded positive result if the various levels of governments in Nigeria have not chosen utterly hypocritical and deceitful disposition in dealing with well meaning Nigerians.
....Nigeria's security situation is making unhappy!!!
Alas, Nigeria is in a turbulent crisis condition - a situation that is almost threatening its corporate and political existence. To this horrendous end, the Face of Unity Nigeria Queen, Her Majesty Chichi Mbagwu is crying and lamenting on the evils that are presently happening in her beloved country, Nigeria. She is calling on all Nigerians to raise their voices in condemnation of the incessant and brainless killing of innocent souls by the Boko Haram. She is also calling on the politicians heating the polity and creating confusion for selfish ends to repent of such unprofitable enterprises. 
......Which Way Nigeria???
Yes! Lets make it work... Nigeria's UNITY is not NEGOTIABLE!!!
To demostrate her willingness and commitment to a unity course in Nigeria, Queen ChiChi is planning to partner with the ministry of Youths in Nigeria to carry out a unity programme withe caption: ' NATIONAL YOUTHS UNITY CRUSADE'. She intends to carry out this in all the six geo-political zone in Nigeria. This programme according to the Queen may begin by the first week of July this year. Will the Nigerian politicians and the government allow this initiatives of this Nigerian beauty Queen see the light of the day or will they do as usual?
BOKO HARAM : Nigeria's Nighmare!!!-

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