WOW!! Olakunle Churchill Covers May Edition Of The SCREEN Tabloid (photos)

Following the Big Church Foundation bravery in storming Kagoro Community to support and assist them during the crisis in Kaduna state, Dr. Olakunle Churchill has been deem pertinent to cover the May Edition of THE SCREEN Tabloid. The content rich Magazine which has wide circulation across the country including Airlines is the publication of Zzini Media.

line with our editorial philosophy, the theme of each edition is governed by the society's most pressing challenges at the time. And to help provide solutions to those needs, the publication always focus it's camera, light, and action, on those already engaged in works aimed at alleviating those challenges. This is why Dr Olakunle Churchill, through his charitable works in some of Nigeria's most ravaged regions, has won our hearts as the cover image for this edition, and hopefully, will win yours too, as you'll soon find out within the pages. And what's more, he has just commenced a new gigantic youth empowerment project we can't wait to tell you all about.

Indeed, we surely can't talk about the screen lifestyle without beaming our light on the screen gods themselves. One of such gods is the Nigerian football legend, Kanu Nwankwo. In this edition, we trailed the legend, who is constantly on the move, to his latest activity, the African football legends match. As you read through the pages, you'll soon discover how he, through the Kanu Heart Foundation, plans to impact on the African society, especially the blue children, with this match.

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