WONDERFUL: Good Girl Group CEO Maureen Cyril Visit Orphanage As Kids Pray To Be Like Her.(Photos)

‎Ethiopian born Nollywood actress Maureen Cyril had special moments with Orphans and vulnerable kids during the Children's day celebration. The pretty light skinned philanthropist spent a day at the Rachael's Home for Orphans as the less privileged craved to be like her as their role model when they grow up.

The children's day charity visit was spearheaded by GoodGirl Group. Maureen Cyril who is the CEO shared food items, souvenirs and donated cash ‎at the Rachael's Home For Orphans at the Kurudu village in Abuja. She played with them and also gave them some advice on her to be focussed, prayerful and hardworking as atlot of them have bigger prospects in future.

It‎ would be recalled that the fashion conscious actress championed the Street love show as the messenger of the group during the recent Valentines day in Lagos. The heart warming and passionate project was tagged " ROWL- meaning " Reach Out With Love"

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