SOBER REFLECTION: Emotions Flow As Grand Cubana GM Omoefe Ejere Celebrates Birthday With Excited Blind Children (photos)

Award winning Hospitality manager in the capital city, Omoefe Ejere celebrated his birthday in a rather unique style as he and his friends went emotional at the earlier reception with Kids of the School Of The Blind. In commemorating his special day, The energetic Managing Director of Grand Cubana Hotel opted to feed the Children of the blind school and spend time with them.  
It was indeed a moments of tears and sober reflection for the celebrant and the guests as the physically challenge kids excitedly sang hymns to mark Ejere's day, and appreciate his overwhelming benevolence. Food stuffs and ‎other materials were handled over to the blind patron of the school,  and prepared lunch distributed to the kids. The celebration continued at Grand Cubana Hotels with exclusive lunch with friends and guests of Omoefe including headline comedian and actor Victor Osuagwu. 
The birthday which extended to a night party was captured by AlexReports, Jim Colours Studios, ATTENTION Magazine, AbujaPress, The Platform News, People's Television, The Screen Tabloid, Leadership Newspaper and a hosts of other media platforms. It obviously recorded an impressive turnout with enough to wine and dine with.


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