Northern Nigeria have witnessed several and countless security challenges in recent times, and it's sheered impact is indeed devastating. However, residents in the north have expressed imperative dissatisfaction to the outrageous damages caused by perpetrators, as well as the need to secure a firm solution to issues of insecurity and crime management in the nation.‎ Owing to the rate of increase in crimes like kidnapping, car snatching, armed robbery, drug and human trafficking etc, in the north, residents have cried out to the government seeking and recommending private security experts with the technical intelligence, approach and crime control tactics required to efficiently combat crime in the northern part of Nigeria; saying that the activities of the Nigeria police force needs to be supplemented.

In the request by residents in the north, the call for proper empowerment and reinforcement of "Ali Kwara Crime Control Team" was predominant.
"Ali Kwara", who is a nightmare to criminals in the north, a pain in the ass of kidnap kingpins and a household name in crime control has recently maintained a cold feet to insecurity issues in the north, but the recommendations by elites and residents in the north will probe his present position on security matters. Notably, he has been recommended as a person who is capable to carefully and strategically bring an end to the challenges of insecurity in northern Nigeria based on his previous success and achievements in crime control.

While reacting to the demands and recommendations of the people, Alex Nwankwo, the media aid to Mr. Ali Kwara told journalists during a press briefing at his Gwarinpa office yesterday, that his boss is willing and able to take up any task that relates to security check in the country. He went further to buttress on the role Ali Kwara played in tactically returning discipline, safety and peace to northern Nigeria during the early years of the millennium. Nwankwo stated that if Mr. Ali Kwara is encouraged and empowered by the federal government, the issues of insecurity in the north will be thrown overboard.

However, one Babangida Usman, a trader in Kano reacted to the present situation of crime misplacement saying that "there has been so much stealing and snatching of cars, robbery in markets and home, today is one kidnap case, tomorrow is another". He added that the Nigeria police is trying and their effort needs support because the situation is fast deteriorating.
Mr. Babangida went further to narrate his experience, he says "I remember when I was doing business in Bauchi, I recall clearly the impact of Ali Kwara led vigilante; the impact was evident and the fight was indeed a success because it restored discipline, safety and peace to the people". He added that president Buhari should explore the skills and strategies of Ali Kwara in combating crime and insecurity in the northern region of Nigeria. 

Aruwa sadiq from Kaduna, a member of MBO also challenged the Nigeria government saying that military interventions on civil related issues is undemocratic. He sustained his assertion by saying that the need to encourage and empower the likes of  Ali Kwara is sin qua non. He identified the recent outbreak of crisis in several states, saying that this wouldn't have been if we had local security experts that can engage quick interventions when there is such outbreak. 
Therefore, considering the trends of revolution in our democracy, it will paramount for the government to respond to the request of the people so as to maintain peace, safety and discipline in the north.

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