MIKE OMOTOSHO: A New Sheriff Emerge In Labour Party Leadership

The crisis-challenged labour party as many say might have eventually settled for peace, as a veteran politician, consolidated idealist and principled leader gets the nod of party members to lead her through the next phase of its revolutionary encounter.

Basically, the recently concluded convention of the Labour party which upholds Dr. Mike omotosho as the party chairman is indeed a remarkable intervention that will restore peace, dignity and innovations in the party which was initially plagued by disunity, mismanagement and mediocrity. However, the  choice of Dr Mike omotosho will doubtlessly engage a new dawn and a visionary diversion from the  beaucratic developments which the party suffered hitherto. 

In an interview with newsmen Dr. Mike highlighted his willingness to restructure the party, uphold the party's constitution and expose the immeasurable strength which the party is known for worldwide. Having made remarkable achievements in his political career, Omotosho has established himself as a revolutionary strategist, a grassroots mobilizer, and a person who is known for sensational truth who abides strictly to the rule of law as well as to the mandate of the people. 
Therefore, it is on the basis that he was elected, so as to bring to bear his feats which will define the party as a populist party, promote the plight of the common man, relate efficiently with the smallest unit of our economy and engage the vibrant ideas of youths who are meant to be the leaders of today.

Considering the present situation of curruption and non-performance by several political parties, Dr. Mike has promised that Labour party under his leadership will explore the present situation by embarking on producing candidates that will promote equal opportunity for all, social justice and true democracy in the forthcoming general elections in Nigeria. 
However, the feasible vision of the party chairman seeks the evolutionism and relevance of social welfare, redirect the displace vision of our nation's economy, elevate, build and entrench the structure of nationalism in the minds and hearts of every Nigerian. 

The explicit mission of Dr Omotosho will imperatively review and reposition the mandate of Labour Party by maintaining the principles of integrity, positive change and transparency so as to ensure an enviable height for the party.
Long live Dr. Mike Omotosho, long live Labour Party.

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