MUST-ATTEND: Hon. Tony Nwulu Leads Discourse At Emerging Leaders Summit In Abuja

The forthcoming "Emerging Leaders Summit" scheduled for Nov.  2017 has identified the most outstanding and proactive honorable to guest and speak extensively on the economic and political situations facing our great nation.

Hon. Tony nwulu who initiated "not too young to run bill; a bill that highlights the inclusiveness and relevance of youths in governace,  would be speaking live on the EPL summit. 

Basically,  the "emerging political leaders summit" exposes and provides a platform for qualitative conversation, discourse and strategic deliberations on the alternative channels,  as well as networks to the current conventional system which created a huge gap between leadership and the people.

However,  this summit will critically throw-overboard the issues and challenges that torpedoes the emergence of leaders' political participation.  Notwithstanding,  the EPL summit will promote the collective participation and intellectual exploration of young nigerians who can efficiently take part in the day-to-day political decision-making process in Nigeria. 
Fortunately,  the guest speaker at the summit is a true reflection of the visionary prospects which EPL summit upholds; he is one of the few HRM who has introduced several initiatives that creates the standards and platforms for  youths and the entire human capita to engage a paradigm shift from the old beaucratic structure of governance,  as well as leadership in Nigeria.
He would be speaking critically on the strategies and road maps required to uphold a new political arena which will sustain impactful growth and developments in our great nation.

However,  Hon Tony nwulu will also be unvielling the required tools and skills that will eventually drive our economy to fruition. 

Fundamentally,  Tony has expressed his unequivocal endorsement and imperative interest on the vision which EPL summit provides.

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