SHOCKING: John Fashanu Leads England Stars ‎To Explore The Legalisation Of Marijuana As He Says No To Drugs! ‎(photos)

As the debate continues on the legalisation of Marijuana in the States, England biggest TV stars ‎‎led by John Fashanu, ‎Pam St Clement, Linda Robson and Christopher Biggins explore the use of marijuana in 7 different states in a month for both medical and recreational purposes. 

The England celebrities visited‎ the states in America which have legalised marijuana, for a series addressing the hugely controversial debate over whether the drug should be allowed in Britain.‎‎ The series was filmed so to provide viewers with a personal insight into the impact of marijuana‎ as they met people who have experienced the pros and cons of marijuana from patients with ‎Medical conditions‎.

As the tour to ascertain if the legalisation of Marijuana is right or wrong in America, the stars visited the Sisters of the Valley.
Most nuns in the convent devote themselves to prayer and spiritual contemplation, but you might say the Sisters of the Valley have fallen into bad habits – as they spend their days tending and smoking marijuana. This bizarre order in the quiet country town of Merced in California is just one of the extraordinary stops on the route of the celebrities in the new ITV show Gone To Pot.

‎‎Pro-legalisation campaigners point to its supposed medical benefits – as do the Sisters of the Valley, who make oils, salves and soaps from the drug they describe as a 'gift from God' and which they claim provides relief from the symptoms of arthritis, epilepsy and multiple sclerosis. ‎At the Sisters of the Valley convent, the ITV stars were greeted by the nuns performing a welcoming ritual of holding bunches of burning sage billowing with smoke. 
The nuns harvest marijuana plants and heat them with coconut oil for three hours to produce their tinctures.

‎In California, it has been legal for 21 years to purchase marijuana for medicinal purposes and the state voted last year for recreational use to be legalised too.‎ Debates for the controversial drug legality by the celebrities made them take turns to experience the effect after usage or smoked. Biggins and Pam St Clement – who played Pat Butcher in EastEnders – began their three-week journey in San Francisco, California‎.

‎‎Biggins, 68, who suffers pain in his hip and back, bought an oil containing CBD and he too found it seemed to work. 
He said: 'Having taken the medical marijuana and rubbed it on to my thighs and around my knee area, I was amazed how when I went for my nightly pee how quickly I got out of bed.'

But Biggins had a very different experience when the stars visited the home of 94-year-old chef Nonna Marijuana, who has earned renown for her cooking using marijuana-infused butter. 

They enjoyed a meal in which almost every dish – including gnocchi, ratatouille and even ice cream – was laced with marijuana. Biggins, who suffers from asthma and never smokes, devoured the dishes with delight but hours afterwards began to feel unwell. ‎Eventually, he became violently sick, vomiting a total of 25 times over an agonising few hours.

The ITV stars also ‎met people who have been running marijuana business and met police who experience some of the less positive aspect of marijuana. ‎Former footballer John Fashanu, 55, has never taken drugs or drunk alcohol. He agreed to being given a massage using CBD oil by one of the nuns to help with his arthritic knees, but complained it had left him smelling like a 'junkie' . The experience to him was negative which rubbishes the legalisation of Marijuana. To him, is a drug which is not good and with damaging side effects. 

According to the Legendary Billionaire sports Ambassador, John Fashanu " I say no to drugs because the resultant effect from our debate and research is unhealthy and obviously the cons supersedes the pros " ....‎"Is it good or is it Bad ????? Anyway let's see what its all about in the UK. Can I remind you marijuana is illegal in Nigeria"  Big Fash


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