FLASHBACK!!! How Amb. John Fashanu Involved Liberia President- Elect George Weah In His First 1996 UNICEF Project In Africa (photos)

Former professional England footballer and ex- Aston Villa star Amb. John Fashanu had been a long time friend and colleague of former AC Millan star George Weah as both had worked on HUMANITERIAN projects in Africa for UNICEF.  The Liberia President- Elect was hosted for a dinner by John Fashanu with former Arsenal striker Ian Wright and their wives where he first disclosed to them in 1996 his intention to play in England and his excitement to work with UNICEF

According to Weah in Peoples Sports " I don't know what is going to happen in future but  if it's my destiny to come and play in England then I would love it and be very happy...I ve always known England as a very strong footballing nation. The league is very competitive and the national team's success underlines that".  ‎ He eventually moved to the Premier League towards the end of his career in the year 2000 and had spells at Chelsea and Manchester City, winning the FA Cup at the former, before returning to France to play for Marseille in 2001, and subsequently ending his career with Al-Jazira in 2003.

While in London during their active footballing days, Amb. John Fashanu who spearheaded a UNICEF project across Africa recommended the former European, African and World Footballer of the year to savaged the health challenges in Africa then. The former AC Millan star and Liberia President - Elect disclosed to Peoples Sports in 1996 how grateful he was to his friend Fash for getting him involved in the UNICEF project. " Fash is trying to make things happen so I can work with him and UNICEF in future. It's important we spread the message and create awareness among the less educated about ‎diseases such as AIDS". He further stressed with appreciation to Fash " it's an honour for me to be involved. I think it's essential we put something back into society" 

George Weah was later named UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador ‎for his HUMANITERIAN roles in the project across African nations.  Though, soon after he pursued his political career alongside his UNICEF charity activities. 

The billionaire sport Ambassador John Fashanu will be leading high profile contingent ‎and sports personalities from Nigeria to the presidential Inauguration of George Weah in Liberia on the 22nd of January, 2018.  


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  1. One good turn deserves another. Amb John Fashanu is a through friend


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