Popular Restaurant Shut Down After Workers Were Seen Washing Plates In Dirty Pothole On The Street


A video which surfaced online and is making the rounds on social media, has shown the shocking moment some staff of a popular Malaysian restaurant, Raj's Banana Leaf, were seen scrubbing and rinsing food trays with the dirty water from a pothole on the street.

According to a report by Dailymail UK, the management of the restaurant in Kuala Lumpur's affluent neighbourhood of Bangsar, later issued an apology, blaming the incident on new staff.

The restaurant assured customers that the incident was not common practice and that the employees were newly recruited staff. 'Hygiene and cleanliness are are top priority,' the restaurant maintained over a Facebook post. 

It was gathered that health authorities were forced to shut the restaurant indefinitely after finding there were no adequate washing facilities.

'We will take action to close down the restaurant until further notice,' Deputy director of the Environmental Health Department, Chandrakant Patel said.  

Mr Patel declined to reveal the name of the restaurant owner, but said a representative from the restaurant had admitted to mistakes in handling the its operations. 'They do not have proper washing facilities behind the kitchen,' he said.

Raj's Banana Leaf offered a free buka puasa dinner on Thursday evening to apologise to guests, but it is now unclear whether the restaurant will be able to follow through with the offer.

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