Buhari Assent On Not Too Young To Run Bill Inducts Two APC States Into The Hall Of Shame" - Hon. Nwuluh


The PDP World Youth conference held yesterday at the PDP headquarters in Abuja reflected on the mandate, perspective and Agenda of Hon. Tony Nwulu who sponsored and presented the bill before the national Assembly in 2016.

Today, the bill which was sponsored by a PDP member has been assented by President Muhammadu Buhari who happens to be a member of the All Progressive Congress (APC).

The conference which had several media practitioners in attendance commenced with a cross section of questions that bothers on the sustainability of the new age reduction bill.

While reacting to deliberations during the conference, the Hon. Member noted that the new age reduction law is a constitution amendment/alteration bill. It seeks to alter some sections of the 1999 constitution.
He stressed that, "not too young to run bill" is a new law that has not existed until it was presented in 2016 at the national assembly.

Hon. Tony categorically stressed on the refusal of two APC states in the adoption of "Not too young to run"
Bill. He cited Kano and Lagos state as the APC states which have been inducted into the hall of shame. He says that these APC states voted no to the adoption of "Not too young to run bill", but today, haplessly for them the President has assented the bill.

Hon. Tony constructively spoke on the age qualification for Governors and senators, stating that the reasons for the ties in the age slot as  thirty years was politically driven but that engagements are still going on to manage the situation.

However, the young honourable who was referred to as an Incoming Governor by the national youth leader of PDP, Hon. Sunday Udey Okoye, when he anchored the conference was optimistic that Hon. Tony will successfully deliver IMO state if given the opportunity. Considering his age, intellectual confidence and his exemplary disposition of "Not too young to run" law.

However, the national youth leader encouraged the creative activities of young leaders and members under the PDP umbrella, he tasked the ruling party (APC) to take clue  from them. Stating that the youngest leaders in Nigeria today are members of PDP.

Objectively, Hon. Nwulu cleared the air on the assertions of the President Buhari who  said youths should not run for the office of the President, Hon. Tony hopefully noted that president Buhari was joking and was unserious when he used those words.

On the issue of power devolution, Hon. Tony stated that the process is still under evaluation, stating that the hitches will soon be cleared off hook line and sinker.

Hon. Tony advice youths to participate in whatever elective position that are constitutionally qualified to access, stating that they are free and allowed by this new vibrant law for youths.

Meanwhile, Hon. Tony Nwulu concluded by saying that the sluggishness and delays in governance and leadership will come to end in 2019, when PDP returns to power.


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