Odunlade Caught Looking At Omo Butty's Bobby In Hilarious 18+ Photo


Nigerian actor, Odunlade Adekola, has been 'caught' staring at an actress' cleavage in a really hilarious photo.

Odunlade Adekola is renowned to be one of the funniest Nigerian actors. His facial expression and actions often portray him to be a comedian whose only job is to crack ribs.

The actor is also said to be one of the most versatile in the industry as he takes on different roles and acts them out quite effortlessly.

Odunlade is also very free and jovial with his fellow actors in the game and often uses them to catch fun. This latest photo of him and an actress, Omo Butty proves that point.

In the photo, Odunkade, is 'caught' staring right at the actress' cleavage with his eyes wide open as he does that. The actress, who shared it herself on Instagram, does not look bothered in the photo, but in her caption, she jokingly told the actor to "close his eyes".

Social media users have admired the friendship between the two.

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